Majura FC Registrations are Open for 2019

Welcome to another season of football with friends at Majura FC. We are a community club run largely by volunteers. We value inclusiveness and participation. We want all our players to develop football skills that will enable them to enjoy the game for life no matter what level they play. We hope that you will enjoy your time at Majura FC and welcome feedback and help at any time. The information below provides an outline of what is involved when you decide to register with Majura FC. More information can be found on the Majura FC website and Facebook page. If you have any questions email Majura FC Administration Officer.

Important Dates 2019

Saturday 6 AprilMiniroos Coaching CertificateSaturday 6 AprilU7-U9 Coaches/Managers Meeting, Gear Handout

Date (2019) Description
Friday 25 January Majura FC Registrations Open
Saturday 9 February Information Day Majura Clubhouse 9am-12noon
11-28 February (dates and times TBC) Trials for U10 – U16 Open and Girls teams
18-22 February Female Football Week
Monday 4 March Majura FC Annual General Meeting
Wednesday 6 March Coerver Preseason Program Starts (U6 – U11)
Saturday 30 March Majura Equipment Working Bee
Saturday 31 March U10-U18 Coaches/Managers Meeting, Gear Handout
Saturday 6 – Sunday 7 April State/Seniors League Season Starts
Saturday 13 – Sunday 14 April Lightning Tournament Woden
Monday 13 – Sunday 28 April ACT School Holidays
Saturday 4 May Junior League Season Starts
Saturday 8 June No games – Queen’s Birthday long weekend
Saturdays 6,13,20 July No games during school holiday

Majura FC Trial Dates

Dates Age Group Time
18 and 25 February
Dickson Fields
U10 Girls and U10 Open 5:00pm – 6:15pm
U11 and 12 Girls 6:30pm – 7:45pm
U12 Open 6:30pm – 7:45pm
19 and 26 February
Dickson Fields
U11 Open 5:00pm – 6:15pm
U13-14 Girls 5:00pm – 6:15pm
U13 Open and U14 Open 6:30pm – 7.45pm
20 February
Downer Fields
U15 Open and U16 Open 5:30pm – 7.00pm
U15-16 Girls 5:30pm – 7.00pm
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Registration Information

There is a new Australia wide registration system this season called Play Football which allows a new mobile optimised user experience, you can register multiple individuals from a single account, allowing you to register and manage your whole family from a single login. All participants will login with their Football Account and can use Facebook or Google logins as well as email, so you no longer need your FFA number to login. Registration instructions are provided at the end of this document.

If you are unable to register online at home, then please contact info@majurafc.org.au so we can arrange for you to register. There is an Information Day on Saturday February 9 from 9.00am – 12 noon where you can come and ask questions and register if you can’t do that at home online.

It is important to register early so as not to miss out on a team placement. Once teams fill, which can be by early in March, we put players on waiting lists. We need to ensure we have the following number of players per team per age group:

  • U6/7:  ​​5 – 7 players per team
  • U8–U9:  ​9 – 10 players per team
  • U10–U11:  ​11 – 12 players per team
  • U12–Masters:  ​14 – 16 players per team

If we have full teams (and/or have reached venue capacity) and think it is unlikely we will get enough players to make another full team, then we need to close that age groups registrations. We will always try to place players in a team but occasionally this is not possible.

Age Groups and Registration Fees for 2019

Registration fees for all junior players are the same as last season with no fee increases for the past two years. Majura FC recommends that all players play in their own age group however the club does allow players to play up a year. Girls playing in open or mixed gender teams may play for a team in an age group that is one chronological year below their actual age. If you wish to play in an age group and the registration system doesn’t allow it, then please contact Majura FC Administration Officer.


Please click here for 9 and Under Games Information and click here for 10 and Over Games Information.


Age Group Year of Birth Fee Registration
Age Group
U5-6 Miniroos (first timers) 2013 and 2014 $155 Open Neil Sharwood
U6-7 Girls 2012 and 2013 $155 Closed Contact Club Administrator
U6-7 Open 2012 and 2013 $155 Open Catherine Atkinson
U8 Open 2011 $170 Closed Kelly Mullen
U8-9 Girls 2010 and 2011 $170 Closed Helen Bell
U9 Open 2010 $170 Closed Deb Acland
U10 Open 2009 $170 Open Contact Club Administrator
U10 Girls 2009 $170 Open Marcus Hassall
U11 Open 2008 $170 Closed Ron Mansur
U11 Girls 2008 $170 Closed Contact Club Administrator
U12 Open 2007 $215 Closed Fiona Matz
U12 Girls 2007 $215 Closed Chris Tournier
U13 Open 2006 $215 Closed Lyn de Klerk
U14 Open 2005 $215 Closed Frances Crimmins
U13 and U14 Girls 2005 $215 Closed Julieanne Paulazzo
U15 Open 2004 $215 Open Suzy Sharwood
U16 and U18 Open 2001, 2002
and 2003
$215 Closed Contact Club Administrator
U16 and U18 Girls 2001, 2002
and 2003
$215 Open Lyn de Klerk
Women’s State League Open Age $415 Open Contact Club Administrator
Women’s Masters 35+ $415 Open Contact Club Administrator
Men’s State League Open Age $415 Open Contact Club Administrator
Men’s Masters 35+ $415 Open Contact Club Administrator

Majura FC Registration 2019

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The Junior League competition runs for 16 rounds from Saturday May 4 to Saturday September 7. For U16-U18 competitions there are also Grand Finals on September 14. This season there will be games on the long weekends (May 25 and June 8) and a three-week break over July school holidays (July 6, 13 and 20). For Majura players in U5 to U9 age groups all games are held at Dickson Playing Fields. The competitions are intra-club and organised by Majura FC. Competitions are non-competitive and there is no grading. Players are encouraged to play with friends. Although we have teams from other clubs sometimes joining in, the majority of teams are Majura teams.

From Under 10 through to Seniors the competitions become inter-club run by the Capital Football. Teams play other clubs in the Canberra region and are required to travel to other club grounds (sometimes including Cooma, Yass, Goulburn and Braidwood). Players in U10-16 can choose to trial if they want to be in Division 1 or 2 teams. Majura has social teams in Divisions 3-5 for players that want to participate in a less competitive environment and do not want to trial. Majura FC also has teams in Women’s and Men’s State League and Masters. If you’re interested in playing in senior teams then please email Jo, Majura FC Administration Officer.

More detailed information about trialling and grading is available on the Majura website.

Game Times and Training

Game times, duration and number of players on the field are listed below. From U5 to U11, games are modified for each age group. Small sided games encourage skill development and enable players to get more touches on the ball.

Training times will vary for each team and will usually be determined by coach and player availability. Dickson Playing Fields are the clubs main training grounds and are booked every night of the week until 7pm for junior training. Although not a steadfast rule, we do encourage teams in the U12-18 age groups to train on either Tuesday or Thursday nights and U7 to U11 to train Monday, Wednesday or Friday. This way we can separate younger and older players for a safer training environment. Some teams train after school at school ovals and some prefer to train before their game at Dickson on Saturday mornings. Most division 1 teams will train two nights a week.

Game Day Details

SEASON 2019 – 9 and Under Game Information

U9 and Under – Draw 2019

MFC U6-7 Girls Draw 2019
MFC U6-7 Open Draw 2019
MFC U8-9 Girls Draw 2019
MFC U8 Open Draw 2019
MFC U9 Open Draw 2019

U9 and Under – Information 2019

Age Group Saturday Game Time* Game Duration Team Size Ball Size Referee Fees
(each team pays half
U5-6 Miniroos (first timers) 8.45am 15 min halves 4 v 4 3 Paid by Majura FC
U6-7 Open 9.45am 15 min halves 4 v 4 3 $11.00
U6-7 Girls 9.45am 15 min halves 4 v 4 3 $11.00
U8 Open 10.30am 20 min halves 7 v 7 3 $13.00
U8-9 Girls 10.30am 20 min halves 7 v 7 3 $13.00
U9 Open 11.30am 20 min halves 7 v 7 3 $13.00

*Game times are TBC by Capital Football. Game times listed are those from 2018 season

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SEASON 2019 – 10 and Over Game Information


Age Group Game Time* Game Duration Team Size Ball Size Referee Fees

ALDI Miniroos Draw

U10 Open 11:30am 25 min halves 9 v 9 4 $15.00
U10 Girls 11:30am 25 min halves 9 v 9 4 $15.00
U11 Open 12:30pm 25 min halves 9 v 9 4 $17.00
U11 Girls 12:30pm 25 min halves 9 v 9 4 $17.00

ActeAGL Junior League Draw

U12 Open 1:45pm 30 min halves 11 v 11 4 $28.00
U12 Girls 1:45pm 30 min halves 11 v 11 4 $28.00
U13 Open 12:30pm 30 min halves 11 v 11 4 $32.00
U14 Open 1:45pm 35 min halves 11 v 11 5 $35.00
U14 Girls 1:45pm 35 min halves 11 v 11 5 $35.00
U15 Open 3:10 pm 40 min halves 11 v 11 5 $40.00
U16 Open 3:10 pm 45 min halves 11 v 11 5 $44.00
U16 Girls 3:10 pm 40 min halves 11 v 11 5 $44.00
U18 Open 3:10 pm 45 min halves 11 v 11 5 $50.00
U18 Girls 3:10 pm 40 min halves 11 v 11 5 $50.00

Women’s State League Draw

Women’s State League  Sundays 10am, 12noon, 2pm 45 min halves 11 v 11 $58.00 – $66.00
Women’s Masters  Sundays 10am 45 min halves 11 v 11 $58.00 – $66.00

Men’s DrawMasters Draw

Men’s State League  Saturdays 11am, 1pm, 3pm 45 min halves 11 v 11 $52.00 – $58.00
Men’s Masters  Sundays 9am, 11am 45 min halves 11 v 11 $52.00 – $58.00

*Game times are TBC by Capital Football. Game times listed are those from 2018 season

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The Majura club colours are royal blue and white. Every player needs to wear royal blue shorts, white socks and shin pads. These are available from the Merchandise Shop at the clubhouse on game days. The week prior to the season we also open our Merchandise Shop for uniform sales. Opening times will be advertised on the website and in newsletters.

All U5-6 Miniroos receive a Majura shirt to keep when they pay their registration fee. They will need to wear this shirt to games so that we know they are a 2019 Miniroo. In the U7 through to U18 age groups Majura provides each team with a set of playing shirts for the season. We ask that they only be worn at the games and not at training. To keep fees down we budget on playing shirts lasting four years so these shirts need to be returned at the end of the season.

Under 5 and 6 Miniroos

If this is your first year at Majura FC, then chances are you have a Miniroo and don’t know what happens. The Miniroo Coordinator will send you more information once you register but briefly Miniroos should be at the Dickson fields by 8.45am and your game will end at approximately 9.40am. On arrival at Dickson fields you should head to the sign for your age or gender group; U/5s, U/6s or Girls. Girls are welcome to play with the boys but the girls competition is for girls only. There are no formal teams so each week players will be sorted into teams with a game leader. The game leaders will run a skill session to start which is then followed by a game. We welcome parents who would like to help supervising Miniroo games each Saturday.

U6 players (born in 2013) can play in either Miniroos or the U6/7 competition. The difference is that in the U6/7 competition players are allocated to a team for the season, and play against other Majura teams in a 4v4 competition. Ideally each team has 6 players, with any 4 players on the field at any one time. If your child has not previously played football we encourage your child to participate in the Miniroo program which has a stronger focus on skills development. Please contact the club on info@majurafc.org.au if you’d like to discuss which option is best for your child.

Helping Out at Majura FC

Majura FC is a community club run largely by volunteers. The club is you, every player, parent and carer. We ask everyone to do a little bit to help out. Majura FC is able to keep registration fees to a minimum by supplementing fees with proceeds from the canteen and BBQ. Teams in the U6/7 – U18 age group can expect to be rostered to carry out BBQ, canteen, set up duty or pack up duty. This duty is not arduous and normally only happens once a year. It is expected that one parent for every child in the team will attend to assist with the duties.

Coaches, managers, age group coordinators and committee members are all volunteers. Please show them respect and thank them for the work they do for our children so they can play football each week. Consider volunteering yourself – there is always a job that needs doing at Majura FC.

Majura FC Registration Guide for 2019

Please visit the Registration page.

The following guides provide additional information about the registration process:

You can also contact the club by email if you have any queries regarding the registration process.