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Majura is part of the Ainslie Group's fundraising initiative for May. You'll receive a token for every $5 spent at cafes and restaurants at the Ainslie Football & Social Club or Gungahlin Lakes Club which you can use to vote for Majura's Parkin Fund, which supports disadvantaged and refugee children play football (real football ⚽ 😉). They've got plenty of dining options so please do us both a favour and head into one of their venues to enjoy a meal and save yourself the hassle of cooking, washing up etc, while helping out a great

Coerver Coaching Majura FC First Skills Clinic

Click here for more information and book now. Coerver Coaching First Skills Clinic sessions are planned from the Coerver® Coaching globally recognized Pyramid of Player Development, and focus on: • Ball Mastery • Receiving & Passing • Moves – 1v1 Attack & Defense • Speed • Finishing • Group Play Each COERVER® player receives: - 7 hours of programmed COERVER® Coaching from COERVER® DIPLOMA accredited coaches - COERVER® Coaching certificate - COERVER® home training program 5% Family & Friends Discount: Book two or more places on this program in the same booking to receive a 5% discount DATE AND TIME: Commence Saturday 12 May 2018, 9.00am-10.00am Saturday 19 May, 9.00am-10.00am Saturday 26 May, 9.00am-10.00am Saturday 2 June, 9.00am-10.00am Saturday 9 June, 9.00am-10.00am Saturday 16 June, 9.00am-10.00am Concludes

5 May 2018

Who else is excited for the start of the season? It will be sunny and a maximum of 19C. Just a reminder that the first day of the season is always a bit hectic and we encourage you to make an extra effort to turn up a bit earlier than normal. We usually have a lot of customers for the merchandise shop so please allow extra time if you still need some kit. If you do have any issues look out for our friendly volunteers around the grounds in their fetching fluro vests who will be happy to help, or just pop into the

The Draw for U9s and Under teams have been released

The Majura FC Duty Roster has been released. The roster can be seen here. Name Size (KB) MFC BBQ Layout 257 MFC Set Up, BBQ and Canteen Roster 2018 89 The draw for U9s and under teams have been released. The draw can be seen here. Name Size (KB) MFC U6-7 Girls Draw 2018 112 MFC U6-7 Open Draw 2018 158 MFC U8-9 Girls Draw 2018 131 MFC U8 Open Draw 2018 141 MFC U9 Open Draw

Season 2018 Roster

Set Up, BBQ and Canteen Roster 2018 BBQ Layout   Date 7.30AM - 10AM 8.45AM - 11.15AM 11.15AM - 1.45PM 8.45AM - 11.15AM 11.15AM - 1.45PM 1.45PM - 3.45PM Field Set Up BBQ BBQ Canteen Canteen Canteen and Clean Up 10-12 people 6-8 people 6-8 people 4 people 4 people 4 people 5 May U12G Majura United U11 Open Villians U8 Bandicoots U8/9G Bowerbirds U6/7G Dragons U6/7 Open Magic 12 May U12 Atletico Majura U11 Open Gunners U8 Bilbies U8/9G Rosellas U6/7G Elves U6/7 Open Marauders 19 May U12G Majura Matilda U11 Open Devils U8 Blue Tongues U8/9G Cockatoos U6/7G Griffins U6/7 Open Merlin 26 May U12 Real Majura U11 Open Spurs U8 Dingoes U8/9G Black Swans U6/7G Goblins U6/7 Open Nobles 2 June U12 AC Majura Canberra FC U9 Teams U8 Echidnas U8/9G Ravens U6/7G Phoenix U6/7 Open Sorcerers 9 June Capital Country U8 and U9 Open U10G Lightning Capital Country U6/7 Teams U8/9G Pelicans U6/7G Pixies U6/7 Open Unicorns 16 June U12 Bayern Majura U10 Roar Capital Country U8/9 Girls Teams U9 Barracudas U6/7G Unicorns U6/7 Open Vikings 23 June U12 Sporting Majura U10 Phoenix Canberra FC U6/7 Teams U8/9G Firetails U6/7 Open Arrows U6/7 Open Warriors 30 June U13 Majura Galaxy U10 Mariners Canberra FC U8 Teams U8/9G Kestrels U6/7 Open Squires U11G Dash No Duty during School Holiday Saturdays (7, 14, 21 July) 28 July U13 Majura Dynamo U10 Victory U8 Goannas U9 Goblin Sharks U6/7 Open Charges U11G Pride 4 Aug U13Majura Fire U10G Thunder U8 Joeys  U9 Rock Fish U6/7 Open Crusaders U11G Thorns 11 Aug U14/2G Majura FC U10 Jets U8 Kangaroos U9 Sea Dragon U6/7 Open Dragons U11G Reign 18 Aug U14/1 Majura FC U10G Hurricanes U8 Platypuses U9 Sea Lions U6/7 Open Fireballs U11G Pride 25 Aug U14/3A Majura FC U10 Glory U8 Redbacks U9 Sea Otters U6/7 Open Gargoyles U11G Dash 1 Sep U14/3B Majura FC U10G Storm U8 Tassie Devils U9 Sea Urchins U6/7 Open Goblins U11G Thorns 8 Sep U14G Thunderbolts U10

Information for players and teams

The Majura trials were hugely competitive this year as we saw returning players who had developed their skills last season and over summer and some new talented players join the Club. We again used Coerver Coaching to assist with trials and run drills and games that would test the four core skills and game skills. This enables selectors to concentrate on the players and give a more thorough assessment of each triallist. This year Olympic FC also provided Premier League coaches to select alongside Majura FC selectors which again improved selector assessments. The team that you have been placed in has been based on a variety of factors including, your performance at the recent trials final recommendations from a minimum of two (2) trial selectors when we needed further confirmation, recommendations from past Coaches a preference to play in a competitive or social division The divisional structure for the U12-18 teams has been changed by Capital Football this year to accommodate the growth in players and teams and to make it easier for participants to understand. For the past five years teams have been placed into either Division 1, 2a/blue, 2b/gold, 3a/blue or 3b/gold. This year the divisions will be just

Majura FC Team Announcements Delayed

Due to the high number of trialists Majura FC had in all age groups this year we are running behind schedule in sorting teams from selectors assessments. We told trialists that teams would be announced by March 5 but this has now been put back until Friday March 9. We know that there will be some anxious players and parents but we need to make sure we have checked everything with both selectors and in some cases, previous coaches. We are very fortunate to have so many good players attending trials this year so even though that’s a good thing it does make team selection a little harder. Thanks for your patience. The Majura FC