Female Football Week

Join Majura FC in Celebrating Female Football Week Majura is inviting mums and daughters, aunties and nieces, even your next door neighbour to attend a female football fitness session at Dickson Fields next Thursday night. Majura FC Female Football Fitness Thursday 8 March 6-7pm Football Fitness (session run by COERVER Coaching) 7pm Food by Rhonda (enjoy a healthy snack after your football) Dickson Playing Fields It's free but places are limited so please RSVP

Coerver Coaching Majura FC 2018

Miniroos Coaching Certificate This course is ideal for parents who are new to coaching or who would simply like to gain a greater understanding of the concepts and practises of football to better support their kids. Learn how to make football FUN. Get ideas for training that kids enjoy. Get tips on how to start quickly, and keep kids engaged so they don’t become distracted or disruptive. This course is FREE and done in less than 3 hours and is a great introduction to coaching! Register here. Coerver Coaching Majura FC U7-U11 Preseason Program Want to hone your ball skills for the upcoming season then register for this six week preseason program at Dickson Playing Fields. Commence Wednesday 7 March 2018, 5.30pm-6.30pm Wednesday 14 March, 5.30pm-6.30pm Wednesday 21 March, 5.30pm-6.30pm Wednesday 28 March, 5.30pm-6.30pm Wednesday 4 April, 5.30pm-6.30pm Concludes Wednesday 11 April 2018, 5.30pm-6.30pm Register


All Members Welcome All members of Majura FC are invited to the 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) which will be held at the Clubhouse located on Antill Street Dickson, at 7:30pm on Monday 5th March 2018.   The AGM is an important event in the Clubs calendar and the 2018 AGM is no exception, as we are also hoping to vote in an updated Club Constitution, which will take the Club forward into 2018 and beyond. So, please come and support your Club and if you are thinking of taking up a role within the Club, current Committee members will be there to assist you in a choice of roles. We would love to see you there.  Click here for a copy of the 2017 AGM Minutes and also a copy of the 2018 AGM Agenda for the Monday AGM. For your review, the Constitution exposure draft can be found here and changes documents can be

Majura Goal Keeper Trials on this Thursday

Goal Keeper Trials will be held this Thursday 22 February at Dickson Fields U10 - U12 Open and Girls 5.30-6.30pm U13 - U16 Open and Girls 6.30-7.30pm Majura FC Trial Dates Thursday 15 and 22 February U11 Open 5.00-6.15pm U13-14 Girls 5.00-6.15pm U13 Open and U14 Open 6.30-7.45pm Thursday 22 February Goal Keeper Trials U10 - U12 Open and Girls 5.30-6.30pm Goal Keeper Trials U13 - U16 Open and Girls 6.30-7.30pm Friday 16 and 23 February U10 Girls and U10 Open 5.00-6.15pm U11 and 12 Girls 6.30-7.45pm U12 Open 6.30-7.45pm Monday 19 February U15 and U16 Open U16 Girls 5.30-7.00pm Majura AGM Monday March 5 7.30pm at Majura Clubhouse Antill St Dickson All Members

Season 2017 Roster

Set Up, BBQ and Canteen Roster 2017 BBQ Layout Date 8AM - 10AM 9AM - 11.30AM 11.30AM - 2PM 9AM - 11.30AM 11.30AM - 2PM 2PM - 4PM Field Set Up BBQ BBQ Canteen Canteen Canteen and Clean Up 10 people 6-8 people 6-8 people 4 people 4 people 4 people 6 May U14G Sapphires U10O Victory U8/9G Night Parrots U9O Megalodon Utd U6/7G Phoenix U6/7O Kings 13 May U12G Thunderbolts U10O Roar U8/9G Albatrosses U9O Sea Urchins U6/7G Elves U6/7O Armour 20 May U12 Bayern Majura U10O Wanderers U8/9G Bushlarks U9O Goblin Sharks U6/7G Griffins U6/7O Barons 27 May U12 Real Majura U10O Glory U8/9G Bronzewings U9O Rock Fish U6/7G Goblins U6/7O Castles 3 June U12 Atletico Majura U10O Mariners U8/9G Corella U9O Soldier Crabs U6/7G Dragons U6/7O Catapults 10 June U12 AC Majura U10O Jets U8/9G Currawongs U9O Sea Lions U6/7G Pixies U6/7O Crossbows 17 June U14G Thorns U10G Storms U8/9G Thornbills U9O Sea Otters U6/7G Unicorns U6/7O Hunters 24 June U11G City U10G Lighting U8/9G Jabirus U9O Sea Dragons U6/7G CCJFC Whipbirds U6/7O Invaders No Duty during School Holiday Saturdays (1, 8, 15 July) 22 July U13 Majura Fire U10G Blizzards U8/9G Silvereyes U9O Barracudas U6/7O Swords U6/7O Jesters 29 July U13 Majura Galaxy U10G Tornadoes U8 Canberra FC U9O Thresher Sharks U6/7O Turrets U6/7O Jousters 5 Aug U13 Majura Dynamos U11O Devils U8 Capital Country FC U9O Red Devil Squids U6/7 CCJFC Vikings U6/7O Archers 12 Aug U14/1 Majura FC U11O Saints U8O Wombats U9 CFC Stingrays U6/7 CCJFC Arrows U6/7O Knights 19 Aug U14/2 Majura City U11O Hammers U8O Platypuses U9 CFC Seals U6/7 Canberra FC U6/7O Rangers 26 Aug U14/2 Majura United U11O Hornets U8O Tassie Devils U9 CFC Swordfish U8O Bandicoots U6/7O Shields 2 Sep U11G United U11O Foxes U8O Kangaroos Volunteers Please U8O Bilbies U6/7O Spurs 9 Sep U11G Thunder U11O Gunners U8O Koalas U11O Eagles U8O Echidnas U6/7O

Important Dates 2017

Date (2017) Description Saturday 6 May Junior League Season Starts Thursday 4 – Friday 19 May 2017 NSR Kanga Cup Registrations Sunday 2 – Friday 7 July 2017 NSR Kanga Cup Saturday 1 – Sunday 16 July ACT School Holidays Saturday 22 July Games resume Saturday 9 September Last games and Presentation

Season 2017 Information and Draw

Age Group Year of Birth Kick Off Game Duration Team Size Referee Fees Pee Wees 2010 and 2011 8.50am 15 min halves 4 v 4 Not applicable U6 and U7 Open 2009 and 2010 9.45am 15-20 min halves 4 v 4 $10 U6 and U7 Girls 2009 and 2010 9.45am 15-20 min halves 4 v 4 $10 U8 Open 2008 10.30am 20 min halves 7 v 7 $10 U8 and U9 Girls 2007 and 2008 10.30am 20 min halves 7 v 7 $12 U9 Open 2007 11.30am 20 min halves 7 v 7 $12 U6-7 Girls Draw 2017 Majura U6/7 Girls Draw 2017 Rd Date Home vs Away Field Rd Date Home vs Away Field 1 6-May Dragons v CCJFC Firebirds 6A 9 22-Jul Dragons v Unicorns 6C Elves v Unicorns 6B Pixies v CCJFC Firebirds 6B Griffins v Pixies 6C Phoenix v Elves 6A Goblins v Phoenix 6D Goblins v Griffins 6D 2 13-May Unicorns v Dragons 6C 10 29-Jul Pixies v Dragons 6D CCJFC Firebirds v Pixies 6B Phoenix v Unicorns 6A Elves v Phoenix 6A Goblins v CCJFC Firebirds 6C Griffins v Goblins 6D Griffins v Elves 6B 3 20-May Dragons v Pixies 6D 11 5-Aug Dragons v Phoenix 6B Unicorns v Phoenix 6A Goblins v Pixies 6A CCJFC Firebirds v Goblins 6C Griffins v Unicorns 6D Elves v Griffins 6B Elves v CCJFC Firebirds 6C 4 27-May Phoenix v Dragons 6B 12 12-Aug Goblins v Dragons 6B Pixies v Goblins 6A Griffins v Phoenix 6C Unicorns v Griffins 6D Elves v Pixies 6D CCJFC Firebirds v Elves 6C CCJFC Firebirds v Unicorns 6A 5 3-Jun Dragons v Goblins 6B 13 19-Aug Dragons v Griffins 6A Phoenix v Griffins 6C Elves v Goblins 6C Pixies v Elves 6D CCJFC Firebirds v Phoenix 6D Unicorns v CCJFC Firebirds 6A Unicorns v Pixies 6B 6 10-Jun Griffins v Dragons 6A 14 26-Aug Elves v Dragons 6D Goblins v Elves 6C CCJFC Firebirds v Griffins 6B Phoenix v CCJFC Firebirds 6D Unicorns v Goblins 6A Pixies v Unicorns 6B Pixies v Phoenix 6C 7 17-Jun Dragons v Elves 6D 15 2-Sep Dragons v CCJFC Firebirds 6A Griffins v CCJFC Firebirds 6B Elves v Unicorns 6B Goblins v Unicorns 6A Griffins v Pixies 6C Phoenix v Pixies 6C Goblins v Phoenix 6D 8 24-Jun CCJFC Firebirds v Dragons 6A 16 9-Sep Unicorns v Dragons 6C Unicorns v Elves 6B CCJFC

Season 2017 Games Information

Age Group Year of Birth Kick Off Game Duration Team Size Referee Fees ALDI Miniroos Draws U10 Open 2007 11:30am 25 min halves 9 v 9 $14 U10 Girls 2007 11:30am 25 min halves 9 v 9 $14 U11 Open 2006 12:30pm 25 min halves 9 v 9 $16 U11 Girls 2006 12:30pm 25 min halves 9 v 9 $16 ActeAGL Junior League Draws U12 Open 2005 1:45pm 30 min halves 11 v 11 $26 U12 Girls 2005 1:45pm 30 min halves 11 v 11 $26 U13 Open 2004 12:30pm 30 min halves 11 v 11 $30 U13 Girls 2004 12:30pm 30 min halves 11 v 11 $30 U14 Open 2003 1:45pm 35 min halves 11 v 11 $34 U14 Girls 2003 1:45pm 35 min halves 11 v 11 $34 U15 Open 2002 3:10 pm 40 min halves 11 v 11 $38 U16 Open 2001 3:10 pm 45 min halves 11 v 11 $42 U16 Girls 2001 and 2002 3:10 pm 40 min halves 11 v 11 $42 U18 Open 1999 and 2000 3:10 pm 45 min halves 11 v 11 $48 U18 Girls 1999 and 2000 3:10 pm 40 min halves 11 v 11 $48 Men's Draw,  Women's Draw State League Open Age 45 min halves 11 v 11 Master's Draw Masters Age 35+ 45 min halves 11 v

Season 2017 Age Groups and Registration Fees

There has been a small increase in registration fees this year to cover general cost increases and to employ a part-time Administrative Officer. This will take some of the pressure off our volunteer committee members and improve the club's customer service. Age Group Year of Birth Fee Pee Wees U5-U6 (first timers) 2011 and 2012 $150 U6-7 Girls 2010 and 2011 $150 U6-7 Open 2010 and 2011 $150 U8 Open 2009 $165 U8-9 Girls 2008 and 2009 $165 U9 Open 2008 $165 U10 Girls and Open 2007 $165 U11 Girls and Open 2006 $165 U12 Girls and Open 2005 $210 U13 Open 2004 $210 U14 Girls and Open 2003 $210 U15 Open 2002 $210 U16 Girls 2001 and 2002 $210 U16 Open 2001 $210 U18 Girls and Open 1999 and 2000 $210 State League Open Age $390 Masters 35+ $390 Majura FC Registration

Season 2017 Committee Members

Executive Committee Position Name Email President Peter Docherty president@majurafc.org.au Vice President Football Rainer Reuss vpfootball@majurafc.org.au Vice President Operations Neil Sharwood vpops@majurafc.org.au Secretary John Breusch secretary@majurafc.org.au Treasurer Richard Webb treasurer@majurafc.org.au Registrar Kurt Petrunia registrar@majurafc.org.au Equipment Officer David Horner equipment@majurafc.org.au General Committee Position Name Email Public Officer Rob Bennett publicofficer@majurafc.org.au Referee Coordinator Vacant referees@majurafc.org.au Assistant Registrar Vacant registrar@majurafc.org.au Canteen Manager Rhonda Parkin canteen@majurafc.org.au Uniform Manager Allison Foster uniforms@majurafc.org.au Website Manager Ron Mansur webadmin@majurafc.org.au Committee Member Bob Parkin committeemembers@majurafc.org.au Committee Member Steve Moutafis committeemembers@majurafc.org.au Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) Coordinator David Horner wwvp@majurafc.org.au Support Positions Position Name Email Administrative Officer Jo Smith info@majurafc.org.au Technical Facilitator Vacant info@majurafc.org.au Junior Development Officer Vacant info@majurafc.org.au Age Group Coordinators Year of Birth Age Group Coordinator Email 2011 and 2012 Pee Wees (U5 and U6) Danielle Perks coordinatorpeewees@majurafc.org.au 2010 and 2011 U6 and U7 Open Eve Ball coordinatoru7open@majurafc.org.au 2010 and 2011 U6 and U7 Girls Nerys Jones coordinatoru6and7girls@majurafc.org.au 2009 U8 Open Ron Mansur coordinatoru8open@majurafc.org.au 2008 U9 Open Sally Hearder coordinatoru9open@majurafc.org.au 2008 and 2009 U8 and U9 Girls Natalie Scott coordinatoru8and9girls@majurafc.org.au 2007 U10 Open Ron Mansur coordinatoru10open@majurafc.org.au 2007 U10 Girls Kirsten Lawson coordinatoru10girls@majurafc.org.au 2006 U11 Open Lyn de Klerk coordinatoru11open@majurafc.org.au 2006 U11 Girls Kim Sinclair coordinatoru11girls@majurafc.org.au 2005 U12 Open David Horner coordinatoru12open@majurafc.org.au 2005 U12 Girls Julieanne Paulazzo coordinatoru12girls@majurafc.org.au 2004 U13 Open Suzy Sharwood coordinatoru13open@majurafc.org.au 2004 U13 Girls Vacant coordinatoru13girls@majurafc.org.au 2003 U14 Open Amy Seath coordinatoru14open@majurafc.org.au 2003 U14 Girls Vacant coordinatoru14girls@majurafc.org.au 2001 and 2002 U15 and U16 Open Vacant coordinatoru15and16open@majurafc.org.au 2001 and 2002 U16 Girls Vacant coordinatoru16girls@majurafc.org.au 1999 and 2000 U18 Open Vacant coordinatoru18open@majurafc.org.au 1999 and 2000 U18