Majura Football Club is a vounteer run organisation which depends on its members to operate. Each Saturday throughout the season therefore, each team is requested to support the club by assisting with running the BBQ, working in the canteen or setting up/packing up the fields (nets, cones, flags etc).

Team managers are asked to coordinate volunteers from their teams (e.g. parents or guardians of players) and ensure that sufficient people attend when it is their team’s turn to assist (refer to roster below).

There will be a Majura FC committee member present to show you what to do. Children under the age of 15 are not allowed to help out with this activity.


Season 2018 Roster


Date 7.30AM – 10AM 8.45AM – 11.15AM 11.15AM – 1.45PM 8.45AM – 11.15AM 11.15AM – 1.45PM 1.45PM – 3.45PM
Field Set Up BBQ BBQ Canteen Canteen Canteen and Clean Up
10-12 people 6-8 people 6-8 people 4 people 4 people 4 people
5 May U12G Majura United U11 Open Villians U8 Bandicoots U8/9G Bowerbirds U6/7G Dragons U6/7 Open Magic
12 May U12 Atletico Majura U11 Open Gunners U8 Bilbies U8/9G Rosellas U6/7G Elves U6/7 Open Marauders
19 May U12G Majura Matilda U11 Open Devils U8 Blue Tongues U8/9G Cockatoos U6/7G Griffins U6/7 Open Merlin
26 May U12 Real Majura U11 Open Spurs U8 Dingoes U8/9G Black Swans U6/7G Goblins U6/7 Open Nobles
2 June U12 AC Majura Canberra FC
U9 Teams
U8 Echidnas U8/9G Ravens U6/7G Phoenix U6/7 Open Sorcerers
9 June Capital Country
U8 and U9 Open
U10G Lightning Capital Country
U6/7 Teams
U8/9G Pelicans U6/7G Pixies U6/7 Open Unicorns
16 June U12 Bayern Majura U10 Roar Capital Country
U8/9 Girls Teams
U9 Barracudas U6/7G Unicorns U6/7 Open Vikings
23 June U12 Sporting Majura U10 Phoenix Canberra FC
U6/7 Teams
U8/9G Firetails U6/7 Open Arrows U6/7 Open Warriors
30 June U13 Majura Galaxy U10 Mariners Canberra FC
U8 Teams
U8/9G Kestrels U6/7 Open Squires U11G Dash
No Duty during School Holiday Saturdays (7, 14, 21 July)
28 July U13 Majura Dynamo U10 Victory U8 Goannas U9 Goblin Sharks U6/7 Open Charges U11G Pride
4 Aug U13Majura Fire U10G Thunder U8 Joeys  U9 Rock Fish U6/7 Open Crusaders U11G Thorns
11 Aug U14/2G Majura FC U10 Jets U8 Kangaroos U9 Sea Dragon U6/7 Open Dragons U11G Reign
18 Aug U14/1 Majura FC U10G Hurricanes U8 Platypuses U9 Sea Lions U6/7 Open Fireballs U11G Pride
25 Aug U14/3A Majura FC U10 Glory U8 Redbacks U9 Sea Otters U6/7 Open Gargoyles U11G Dash
1 Sep U14/3B Majura FC U10G Storm U8 Tassie Devils U9 Sea Urchins U6/7 Open Goblins U11G Thorns
8 Sep U14G Thunderbolts U10 Wanderers U8 Wombats U9 Soldier Crabs U6/7 Open Knights U11G Reign


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Season 2017 Roster

Set Up, BBQ and Canteen Roster 2017 BBQ Layout Date 8AM – 10AM 9AM – 11.30AM 11.30AM – 2PM 9AM – 11.30AM 11.30AM – 2PM 2PM – 4PM Field Set Up BBQ BBQ Canteen Canteen Canteen and Clean Up 10 people 6-8 people 6-8 people 4 people 4 people 4 people 6 May U14G Sapphires […]

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