ActewAGL Round supporting Lids4Kids

Capital Football in conjunction with ActewAGL will be holding a dedicated ActewAGL Round Supporting Lids4Kids.

This charity may sound familiar to some of you as you might have seen Tuggeranong United FC and Gungahlin United FC with containers at their respective venues taking collections for Lids4Kids.

For further background information on Lids4Kids please see the below information:


Lids4Kids is a 100% volunteer project established to support Envision Hands who turn plastic bottle lids into hand and arm mobility aids for children. Lids4Kids was founded in May 2019 by Tim Miller, a Canberra-based full-time house Dad with three boys under ten who has been fundraising for charities that help sick and disabled kids since 2013. Lids4Kids went viral after ABC News shared Tim’s outback charity Holden Rally Team page on Facebook ( Within 48 hours, Tim had received a thousand messages of support from volunteers all over Australia who want to help and continues to receive hundreds per day. Individuals, schools and workplaces can help Lids4Kids by collecting the plastic bottle tops from milk, water and soft-drink bottles that due to their size can’t be processed by plastic recycling machines. Lids4Kids is also collecting plastic bread clips for another charity “Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs”. Lids4Kids is comprised of 6,000 official collectors, public collection points, town coordinators and regional coordinators across 30 Lids4Kids Groups covering every region in Australia. Lids4Kids hopes to rescue every eligible lid from landfill for projects that benefit all Australian kids in need. Thanks to the generous support of thousands of volunteers, lids from all over Australia are now making their way to Canberra. They are being processed by volunteers who wash, count and sort them into boxes of individual colours. Many sponsors have come on board to assist with collection, storage boxes, transport and warehousing including Brenners Transport in Cairns far north Queensland. Envision Hands based in Werribee Victoria currently use a 3D printer to make their mobility aids but have set up a GoFundMe page ( to help fundraise for a new machine to make their own plastic moulds to produce other products to assist kids.

Lids4Kids is focused on improving the lives on disadvantaged kids whilst also protecting the environment. All lids will be allocated to sustainable projects like Envision Hands to help kids.

For more information on Lids4Kids please contact: Tim Miller, Founder & National Coordinator on 0437 465 336
For more information on Envision Hands please contact: Sean Teer on 0413 003 795

Capital Football asks that all clubs have a tub/bucket/container near their clubhouse so that lids and bread clips can be dropped off. Clubs are also welcome to take monetary donations for Lids4Kids if they would like to have a bucket at the canteen for this as well. We are currently in the process of arranging some signs for your containers, we will have them to you as soon as possible!

Capital Football will send information later in the week in regards to the collection of the donations over the weekend.

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