Majura FC Registration Payment and Refund Policy

Majura Football Club Registration Payment and Refund Policy COVID-19 Response (updated 14 April 2020) Please click here for the .pdf version. Payment of Player Registration Fees Until the decision to move forward with the 2020 season is made, new registrations have been suspended until further notice. Registration Fees are to be paid online through “Play Football” at the time of registration by selecting the relevant package. Payment can be processed via VISA or MASTERCARD. If you are unable to pay using this method please contact the club registrar at prior to commencing the registration process to discuss other options. Player Eligibility To be eligible for round one of competition all players must be made “Active” in Play Football one week prior of the relevant competition start date. It will be the responsibility of each player / parent to ensure they have completed all actions to be made “Active”. In order to be considered “Active”, the player registration payment must be received in full or an approved payment plan must be processed. Players not “Active” by the requirements defined above will not be able to compete until resolved. Coaches and Managers of the team will be notified of eligible players prior to Round One commencing. If a player

Season 2020 Update

The FFA has suspended football activities at all levels across the country including training and games and the Federal and ACT Governments have imposed bans on group gatherings (more than two people). This means that no Majura teams should be meeting for training, or for any other purpose. We encourage you to continue training at home or if you need more space then at your local field as long as you’re maintaining proper social distancing. The FFA and Capital Football will provide further information about the season after Easter, on or around 14 April. In the meantime, Majura has temporarily closed registrations until we know if season 2020 is going ahead. Some of you are wondering about your registration fees and whether they will be refunded if the season doesn’t go ahead. Your registration fee was split three ways to Majura FC, the FFA and Capital Football when you registered so we need to wait for direction from the FFA and Capital Football in regards to the process for refunding registration fees. We understand that this is a difficult time and we will let you know as soon as we have any new information regarding the season. In the meantime please stay home,

Majura FC and COVID-19

Football Federation of Australia (FFA) has announced a suspension of all football (soccer) activities until after Easter, Tuesday 14 April. This means there will be no training, games, meetings or any other football activities. The decision comes as the latest in a series of measures being introduced by the FFA to combat the ongoing spread of COVID-19 following the announcement of its COVID-19 Guidelines yesterday and places the concerns, health and wellbeing of the Australian football and wider community as the highest priority. While we are all keen to get out on the pitch and get the season underway, we must consider the health risk that the spread of the virus poses to players and their families. Slowing the spread of the virus is the most important thing to do now and the only way we are likely to get any chance of a season of football in 2020. Majura will send out updates as the situation changes. We will continue to do all the behind the scenes work in preparation for the season including organising teams and draws in the hope that the season will start on May 2 as planned for all juniors. The senior competition start has already been

Majura FC Annual General Meeting

Majura FC is a community club that relies on volunteers to provide football (soccer) experiences for players from U5 to Masters. Why not join us? Majura FC AGM Monday March 2 7.30pm Majura Clubhouse, Antill St

Majura FC is looking for a Technical Director

Majura FC Technical Director - Position Description PURPOSE To plan and manage football programs and drive the technical development of players and coaches at Majura FC. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES In conjunction with the Majura FC committee, establish a guiding philosophy and vision statement Develop a technical plan which allows a tiered approach to development and caters for players aspirations from social football through to NPL and representative level Ensure all player development plans are in line with the FFA National Curriculum Create a training curriculum and monitor coach training and style of play during games Develop a communications strategy that enables reporting, information sharing and feedback for coaches, players, parents and committee members Maintain and improve accreditation required for the position as per FFA requirements KEY OUTCOMES A guiding philosophy and vision statements which cater for all age groups and skill levels at Majura FC A technical plan which enables player and coach development at all levels consistent with the FFA curriculum A style of play that every coach teaches, and every player learns An informed club membership who understand the importance of technical and tactical skills in football A pool of players and coaches able to compete in the NPL when the opportunity

Feedback – Season 2020

We want to say a big thank you to players, parents and all our volunteers. The saying “we couldn’t do it without you” says it all. So please make sure you make an effort to thank your coach, manager, referee or any of the many other volunteers we are lucky enough to have at the club. Please write your feedback for Season 2020 here. Thank


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