What’s Happening this Summer at Majura FC

Gear Return and Participation Awards We are having a Covid Safe gear return day at the Majura Clubhouse on Saturday 30 October and will be giving out trophies/medallions to teams when they return their gear. To limit numbers, just the team coach and/or manager will be asked to return the training kit with bibs washed and the complete set of playing shirts also washed. They can then collect their teams awards and organise their own small function to hand out awards. Please note there is a timetable for the hand back as Covid restrictions mean we have limits on numbers of people that can attend at any one time. Please make every effort to attend at your allotted time with all your gear in complete sets and clean. Times for age groups are: 9.00 - 9.30am: Pee Wee (U5/6) Trophy Collection 9.30 - 10.30am: U6/7 teams 10.30 - 11.30am: U8 - U11 teams 11.30am - 12.30pm: U12 - Seniors If you are unable to make your time slot or unable to attend that day then please contact the Club Administrator, info (at) majurafc.org.au. Summer Programs Majura Skills Academy Term 4 2021 The MSA is starting up again at Dickson Fields on Friday 29 October and running

Latest Update 20-Oct-2021

Gear Return and Participation Awards Times for age groups are: 9.00 - 9.30am: Pee Wee (U5/6) Trophy Collection 9.30 - 10.30am: U6/7 teams 10.30 - 11.30am: U8 - U11 teams 11.30am - 12.30pm: U12 - Seniors Skills Academy Information about the Majura Skills Academy and to register your EOI can be found here. Majura FC Capital Premier League Trials If you are attending trials you need to register here. Girls are welcome to trial if they wish to play in a largely boys competition. Age Group Date, Time and Location U13 CPL Boys Thursday 4 November | 5:30 - 6:45pm | Hackett Oval Saturday 6 November | 9:00 - 10:30am | Dickson Playing Fields Thursday 11 November | 5:30 - 6:45pm | Hackett Oval U14 CPL Boys Thursday 4 November | 7:00 - 8:15pm | Hackett Oval Saturday 6 November | 9:00 - 10:30am | Dickson Playing Fields Thursday11 November | 7:00 - 8:15pm | Hackett Oval U16 CPL Boys Saturday 6 November | 10:45 - 12:00pm | Dickson Playing Fields Tuesday 9 November | 5:30 - 6:45pm | Hackett Oval Saturday 13 November | 9:00 - 10:30am | Dickson Playing Fields U18 CPL Boys Saturday 6 November | 10:45 - 12:00pm | Dickson Playing Fields Tuesday 9 November |

Latest Update 25-Sep-2021

Award and Gear Handback With trophies, medals and end of season events, teams will be able to collect theirs once restrictions allow. This collection will be coordinated with the hand back of kits and uniforms. More information will follow. Skills Academy Information about the Majura Skills Academy and to register your EOI can be found

What’s Happening at Majura FC

Majura Technical Director, Philippe Bernabo-Madrid Welcome to our new Technical Director. We are excited to have Philippe on board and to work with him to continue advancing our football program. Philippe has extensive coaching experience and will be assessed for his B License once we get back to playing football. Philippe is working with the committee on initiatives including our summer program and a virtual academy to see us through the remainder of lockdown. Please keep your eyes out for more information about these programs.   100 Years of Women’s Football Today, Friday 24 September we celebrate 100 years of women's football in Australia. The first official womens game was held at the Gabba in Brisbane in 1921 when North Brisbane played South Brisbane. Majura FC acknowledges and pays tribute to the women in football who for 100 years have shaped the beautiful game. A special shout out to all the Majura FC girls and women players, referees, coaches, managers, and volunteers - thank you for your contributions       Majura Coach of the Year 2021 Congratulations to the following coaches who were nominated for the Coach of the Year. Chris Cairns U9 Open Dolphins Neil Sharwood U9 Open Urchins Pete Balint and Pierre Portal U9 Open Seals Jono

Season 2021 Declared Done

Dear Majura Family and Friends, I hope this message finds you safe and well. Capital Football have made the decision to end all 2021 winter competitions. While no one in the football community wanted the season to end this way, given the extended lockdown and the ACT sportsground availability, this was the most practical decision by Capital Football. I certainly missed being on the grounds for the last day of the season. Handing out trophies and sharing stories about the season while enjoying one last curry. Unfortunately this will have to wait for another year. In moving forward, your committee will discuss the logistics for kit and uniform returns, trophy collection and the like. Of course this will be pending ACT restrictions. There is a l lot to sort out so please look for future messages from the club. While we digest the news about 2021 I will give you something to look forward to. Your committee is busy planning the summer football program and the 2022 season. We will launch our summer football program with a selection of options including social soccer and our performance academy. We will apply for the 2022 Capital Premier League Boys competition and anticipate holding trials in


Chair Position Name Email President and Chair Kurt Petrunia president (at) majurafc.org.au * Please click on the position for a copy of the role statement providing a detailed description on the responsibilities associated with the role. Email info (at) majurafc.org.au if you would like to express and interest in a vacant position. Executive Committee Position* Name Email President Kurt Petrunia president (at) majurafc.org.au Vice President David Horner vicepresident (at) majurafc.org.au Treasurer Richard Webb treasurer (at) majurafc.org.au Secretary and Public Officer Andrew Richards secretary (at) majurafc.org.au General Committee Position* Name Email Registrar Lyn de Klerk registrar (at) majurafc.org.au Equipment Officer Cathryn Fuller equipment (at) majurafc.org.au Grounds Coordinator Jono McLaren grounds (at) majurafc.org.au Communications and Sponsorship Manager Grace Maher communications (at) majurafc.org.au Promotions Coordinator Rhonda Parkin promotions (at) majurafc.org.au Strategy Coordinator Michael Hess strategy (at) majurafc.org.au Referee Coordinator Mike Dore referees (at) majurafc.org.au Uniform Officer Jill Pareezer uniforms (at) majurafc.org.au Committee Member Bob Parkin committee (at) majurafc.org.au Committee Member Neil Sharwood committee (at) majurafc.org.au Operational Roles Position Name Email Club Administrator Jo Smith info (at) majurafc.org.au Technical Director Philippe Bernabo-Madrid technical.director (at) majurafc.org.au Website Manager Ron Mansur webadmin (at) majurafc.org.au Canteen Manager Vacant canteen (at) majurafc.org.au Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) Coordinator David Horner wwvp (at) majurafc.org.au Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) Jo Smith mpio (at) majurafc.org.au Head Coaches & Academy Position Name Email Head Coach - Premier/Junior League Girls (NPLG) Andrew Richards nplg (at) majurafc.org.au Head Coach - Premier League Boys (CPLB) Vacant cplb (at) majurafc.org.au Head Coach - U13 to U18 Girls and Open Vacant u13.18 (at) majurafc.org.au Head Coach - U9 to U12 Girls and Open Mark Shrewsburry u9.12 (at) majurafc.org.au Head Coach - Pee Wees to U8 Girls and Open Vacant pw.u8 (at) majurafc.org.au Majura FC Skills Academy Contact Andrew Richards academy (at) majurafc.org.au Social Media Social Media Address Administrator Facebook https://www.facebook.com/majurafootballclub David Horner, vicepresident (at)

Suspension of All Football Activity

With the ACT Government's announcement of an extended lockdown, Capital Football has confirmed that all football and futsal activities will be suspended from 5pm, Thursday August 12 to 5pm, Thursday September 2. This includes all training sessions, games, face-to-face meetings and events. Let's stay home and hope that football can return next weekend. On behalf of the Majura FC committee and club, the President of  Majura FC hopes you are all safe and well. For those of you that are in isolation please take care and we look forward to seeing you once this is all over. We have all seen Sydney and Melbourne go through lockdowns, now it is our turn. We encourage everyone to follow the ACT Health advice and take the necessary precautions. Majura FC teams were training at Dickson fields in the days prior to the lockdown. The committee knows which teams were training, the fields they were training on and their training times. In the event that there is a COVID-19 link to training we will work with ACT Health to ensure the affected families are notified. ACT Health will make the decision whether to list Dickson fields as an exposure site and we will follow

New Technical Director Wanted at Majura FC

Majura is looking for the right person to plan and manage football programs and drive the technical development of players and coaches at Majura FC. If you’re passionate about football, have a B License (or in the process of obtaining one), have at least five years coaching experience, are a good communicator and leader, then this is the job for you. It is a paid part-time position. Check the position description here and get your application in by August 16

Majura FC is Looking for a Technical Director

Majura FC Technical Director - Position Description PURPOSE To plan and manage football programs and drive the technical development of players and coaches at Majura FC. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES Support the Majura FC committee to achieve it’s 5-year strategic football plan. Promoting and abiding by the club’s philosophy and vision statement. Continue to develop a technical plan which allows a tiered approach to development and caters for players aspirations from social football through to NPL and representative level. Ensure all player development plans are in line with the FFA National Curriculum. Continue to develop and monitor coach training and style of play during games. Continue to develop a communications strategy that enables reporting, information sharing and feedback for coaches, players, parents, and committee members. Maintain and improve accreditation required for the position as per FFA requirements. EXPECTED OUTCOMES Ensure there is a guiding philosophy and vision statement which cater for all age groups and skill levels at Majura FC. Develop a technical plan which enables player and coach development at all levels consistent with the FFA curriculum. Promote a style of play that coaches and players implement. Inform club membership on the importance of technical and tactical skills in football. Drive the ongoing development of players

23-24 July – All Games Cancelled

ACT Sportsgrounds have closed all turf/grass fields this weekend due to the weather and water logging. That means all games at Dickson and Watson are cancelled and will be recorded as