30 April 2022 – Pee Wees and U6 Open Cancelled

Given the rain this morning we have made the decision to cancel both Pee Wees and U6 Open games. The rain at Dickson is still quite heavy and although the fields are holding up well, we don’t want all our new players to end up soaking wet. We hope that next Saturday will be sunny and give everyone a much better first experience of football (soccer). All games from 9.30am (U7 to U18) onwards will go

2022 Draws and Fixtures are Live Now

The Uniform Shop is open on: Tuesday, 20 April 2021, 5-7PM Thursday, 21 April 2021, 5-7PM Every Saturday during the season from 8.30AM – end of day The 2022 season for all our Miniroos and Junior players starts this Saturday and we can't wait! You can find your draw if you are playing at Dickson in the U6/7, U8, U8/9 or U9 age groups here and click on 'Link' under the Draw column. U9 and Under Draws MFC U6-7 Girls Draw 2022 MFC U8-9 Girls Draw 2022 MFC U8 Open Draw 2022 MFC U6 Open Draw 2022 MFC U7 Open Draw 2022 MFC U9 Open Draw 2022 If you are playing in U10 - U18 competitions then your draws can be found on Game Day (used to be Dribl) here.

All you need to know about the Start of Season 2022

Hi Majura Family and Friends, While our Premier League and Senior teams have been playing for a few weeks now, our U10 - U11 Miniroos and U12 - U18 Junior League teams will have their first games this Saturday. I hope you are looking forward to an exciting season. Majura FC along with every other club in Canberra expressed their concerns to Capital Football about starting/playing games in school holidays on the ANZAC long weekend without effect. A number of our teams have already let us know that they won't be able to field teams this weekend. If this is the case with your team, then please contact our Registrar and we will ask Capital Football to reschedule the games. Due to the high number of players and volunteers away this weekend, Majura has made the decision not to start our Pee Wee Program and U6-U9 Miniroos season until Saturday 30 April 2022. Just a reminder for when we are back on the pitch, if you are playing at Dickson fields and your team is highlighted yellow on the game day board at the clubhouse, then we need your help pack up your field. The set up of fields is done by volunteers


Chair Position Name Email President and Chair Kurt Petrunia president (at) majurafc.org.au * Please click on the position for a copy of the role statement providing a detailed description on the responsibilities associated with the role. Email info (at) majurafc.org.au if you would like to express and interest in a vacant position. Executive Committee Position* Name Email President Kurt Petrunia president (at) majurafc.org.au Vice President Andrew Richards vicepresident (at) majurafc.org.au Treasurer Richard Webb treasurer (at) majurafc.org.au Secretary and Public Officer Rob Sluce secretary (at) majurafc.org.au General Committee Position* Name Email Registrar Lyn de Klerk registrar (at) majurafc.org.au Communications and Sponsorship Manager Grace Maher communications (at) majurafc.org.au Referee Coordinator Mike Dore referees (at) majurafc.org.au Equipment Officer Marcus Hassall equipment (at) majurafc.org.au Uniform Officer Rachael Harris uniforms (at) majurafc.org.au Committee Member Bob Parkin committee (at) majurafc.org.au Committee Member Neil Sharwood committee (at) majurafc.org.au Committee Member Jared Henry committee (at) majurafc.org.au Operational Roles Position Name Email Club Administrator Jo Smith info (at) majurafc.org.au Technical Director Philippe Bernabo-Madrid technical.director (at) majurafc.org.au Website Manager Ron Mansur webadmin (at) majurafc.org.au Canteen Manager Vacant canteen (at) majurafc.org.au Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) Jo Smith mpio (at) majurafc.org.au Assistant Referee Coordinator Jono McLaren refereeassist (at) majurafc.org.au Head Coaches & Academy Position Name Email Head Coach - Premier/Junior League Girls (NPLG) Andrew Richards nplg (at) majurafc.org.au Head Coach - Premier League Boys (CPLB) Chris Knowles cplb (at) majurafc.org.au Head Coach - U13 to U18 Girls and Open Vacant u13.18 (at) majurafc.org.au Head Coach - U9 to U12 Girls and Open Mark Shrewsbury u9.12 (at) majurafc.org.au Head Coach - Pee Wees to U8 Girls and Open Vacant pw.u8 (at) majurafc.org.au Majura FC Skills Academy Contact Andrew Richards academy (at) majurafc.org.au Social Media Social Media Address Administrator Facebook https://www.facebook.com/majurafootballclub Grace Maher, communications (at) majurafc.org.au Instagram https://www.Instagram.com/majurafootballclub/ Grace Maher, communications (at) majurafc.org.au Age Group Coordinators Please see the Game

Majura FC AGM 2022

Majura FC is a community organisation run mostly by volunteers. The Majura Committee is a group of volunteers who want to see everyone playing and enjoying their football (soccer). There are a number of current committee members who are retiring this year (including our VP, Equipment Officer and Uniform Manager), so we need some new volunteers to step up. Please consider taking on a role at the AGM and if you can't take on a committee role then still come along and vote for others! Majura FC Annual General Meeting 5.00pm Sunday 27 March Majura

Field Closures and Team Allocations

All ACT Sportsgrounds are closed for maintenance for the next two weeks (March 18-31) so that means no training at Dickson, Watson or Downer Fields until April. If your team hasn't been allocated a spot at Emmaus School for training (junior teams only), then you will need to find another oval to train on. If you train at a school oval, you need the school's permission and to provide evidence of insurance coverage. Please contact the Club Adminstrator if you need help organising a training venue. If your child is in an U10 - U16 team then you should have received notice of their team. If you haven't then please contact the Majura Registrar, registrar (at) majurafc.org.au, to check their registration status. We are currently organising all U6 - U9 teams and fingers crossed, we will have teams sorted by the end of next week. If you haven't registered your child yet in those age groups then do so now otherwise they may miss out on a team. And just a reminder that this is the club's busiest time of year so responses to your emails may take a little longer. Be patient and kind and we will eventually resolve any concerns

Expression of Interest: Walking Football 2022

Capital Football are excited to announce that Expressions of Interest for the 2022 Winter Season for Walking Football are now open! Please find attached a copy of the flyer for Walking Football. If you have anyone from your club that is interested they can register their Expression of Interest via the form or contact me for any questions. EOI's will close in a couple of weeks' time. Register your Expression of Interest -

2022 Season Update

Hi Majura Family and Friends, Due to some delays in getting team lists out, and a clash with Majura FC's first Australia Cup game (previously known as the FFA Cup) on Sunday 6 March, we have decided to postpone our Annual General Meeting and our U10 - U18 Coaches and Managers meetings. This will allow time for teams to get organised and will mean that Majura supporters will be able to get to the game to cheer on our Men's team. All the updated details are below. Hope to see you at the game. Kurt Petrunia, Majura FC President Coaches and Managers Meetings Majura's Coaches and Managers Meetings are now being held on the following dates and times at Majura Clubhouse: U10-U11 Coaches and Managers 4.00pm Sunday 27 March U12-U18 Coaches and Managers 5.30pm Sunday 27 March U6-U9 Coaches and Managers 10am Saturday 2 April Majura FC Annual General Meeting Majura FC is a community organisation run mostly by volunteers. The Majura Committee is a group of volunteers who want to see everyone playing and enjoying their football (soccer). There are a number of current committee members who are retiring this year so we need some new volunteers to step up. Please consider taking on a role

SEASON 2022 – State, Community and Masters League

Age Group Draw Link Game Time Game Duration Team Size Referee Fees Men's Draws Men's State League Saturdays 11am, 1pm, 3pm 45 min halves 11 v 11 Men's Community League Saturdays 11am, 1pm, 3pm 45 min halves 11 v 11 Men's Masters 45 min halves 11 v 11 Women's Draws Women's State League Sundays 10am, 12pm, 2pm 45 min halves 11 v 11 Women's Community League 45 min halves 11 v 11 Women's Masters Sundays 10am, 12pm, 2pm 45 min halves 11 v