Self Registration Guide

Player Self Registration Guide Log into Click on “Where can I Play?” or Re-registering to play this season? Select the relevant age group for the player that you are registering Search for Majura FC and click on it Select the “Start My Registration” Click on “Get Started” If you already have a Football Account then click on Already have an account and log into your account.   If you do not have a Football Account then enter your detail, scroll down and click on Register. Please use the same email address that you used to register your child/ren for the previous season. Select participant you are registering (myself, linked person or new person) and then click on “Continue”. Your children will not be displayed as linked people if you use a different email address when registering. You have to click I am registering a new person and click on Continue. You can search you child's football profile. Set Club to Majura FC, Role = Player, Football Type = Club Football and Playing Error = Community Scroll down and select the right Age Group for your child. Please contact the Majura Club Administrator or the Age Group Coordinator for enquiry if your