Majura FC Coach of the Year 2018

Selection Procedure

Majura FC Coach of the Year Selection Procedure 2018

Authority for Procedure

The Authority for this policy and its maintenance is the Majura Football Club


The Majura FC (MFC) Coach of the Year award is an opportunity for the club to celebrate and
promote thevaluable contribution coaches at all levels make each season. MFC defines worthy

coaches for this award not by how many wins or loses they have during the season, but the long-
lasting impact that they have onthe development and enjoyment of their players.

Great coaches, in the Committees opinion, are also dedicated to continual learning, mentoring
and personal growth, which is the sign of someone willing to be better each time they coach.
Nominees can be nominated from any level within the club, Under 6 through to Masters.


To be eligible for the Coach of the Year award, Nominees must:

  • have coached with Majura FC in the season that the award will bemade;
  • must have a valid Working with Vulnerable People Card (WWVP); and
  • must have had no informal/formal disciplinary issues over the season.

Selection criteria

Nominations will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • makes team work and development the priority of the game, not a personal desire
    to win;
  • ensures all players get the same opportunities irrespective of their ability and talent;
  • treats each player as an individual and help and inspire them to be the best they can
  • is well organised; plans and prepares for both training and games;
  • looks to improve and update their own coaching knowledge;
  • is a role model of fair play and sportsmanship to their team;
  • communicates and cooperates positively with players, parents and referees; and
  • other supporting information that is deemed appropriate by the Selection Panel
    such as making football a fun activity for the non-competitive age groups.

Nomination Procedure

The nomination period with a link to this procedure, will be published on both the MFC website
and Facebook page. Nominations can be submitted by any member of Majura FC, addressing the
selection criteria and in no more than 400 words maximum. The nomination should then be
emailed to There are no restrictions on the number of nominations received for these Awards. Note that nominations received outside the nomination closing date, will not be accepted.

Nominations should include the following information:

Nominated by:
Contact Email:                                                                     Mobile:
Majura FC Team Name/s:
Nomination: please address selection criteria section of this procedure, no more than 400 words



Date of Nomination:     /    /20

Conditions of Nomination

Determining the recipients of the Awards will be based on the information provided by the
nominator. Itis therefore important to provide sufficient, accurate information to enable the
selection panel to makean informed decision. The decision of the Panel is final, and no
correspondence will be entered into.An unsuccessful nomination does not preclude the
nomination being submitted in successive years.

Selection Panel

A panel of three members will be drawn from the MFC committee and will form the Selection
Panel that will assess the recipient of the Award. Any MFC committee members nominatedfor
the Award in the season, are precluded from sitting on the selection panel.
If a Panel Member has a conflict of interest with any of the nominations, that conflict of interest
is tobenoted by the other members of the Panel prior to assessing nominations. The Panel
member with the conflict of interest may be removed from the process or be excluded from
assessing a nominee’s application.

Selection Process

The Panel members will assess each application against the eligibility and selection criteria
requirements. Panel members may seek to view the coach ‘on the field or in training’. This is a
decision for the panelto ensure nominations (especially those too close to call) are considered

Significant Dates

Significant dates include:

  • Start of the second half of the season – Nominations for the Award open for a two-week
    period, and during this time a selection panel is identified by the MFC Committee; and
  • Final week of the Junior season – Recipient of Award is announced on the MFC website and
    Facebook and presentation of award if possible on last Saturday of the season.

Majura FC Committee
July 2018

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