Executive Committee

Position Name Email
President Stephen Boulton president@majurafc.org.au
Vice President Andrew Richards vicepresident@majurafc.org.au
Treasurer Virat Behla treasurer@majurafc.org.au
Secretary and Public Officer Danny Hetherington secretary@majurafc.org.au

General Committee

Position Name Email
Registrar Linda Uzubalis registrar@majurafc.org.au
Equipment Officer Marcus Hassall equipment@majurafc.org.au
Referee Coordinator Sam Montenegro referees@majurafc.org.au
Grounds Coordinator Rob Sluce
Communications Coordinator Chrysnan Frazer communications@majurafc.org.au
Sponsorship Coordinator Davide Ruberto
Uniform Coordinator Claire O’Brien uniforms@majurafc.org.au
Committee Member Bob Parkin bob@majurafc.org.au
Committee Member Lyn de Klerk dribl@majurafc.org.au
Committee Member Jono McLaren
Committee Member Maggie Grove volunteers@majurafc.org.au

Operational Roles

Position Name Email
Club Administrator Jo Smith info@majurafc.org.au
Technical Director (Women & Girls) Davide Ruberto technical.director.women-girls@majurafc.org.au
Technical Director (Men & Boys) Vacant technical.director@majurafc.org.au
Senior Womens Coordinator Emily McAlister
Senior Mens Coordinator Erin Owens
Skills Academy Andrew Richards academy@majurafc.org.au
Canteen Manager Vacant
Website Manager Vacant Webadmin@majurafc.org.au

For more information about the Committee, including expressions of interest in joining, please contact us:

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