Majura FC Registration Payment and Refund Policy

Majura Football Club
Registration Payment and Refund Policy
COVID-19 Response (updated 14 April 2020)

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Payment of Player Registration Fees

Until the decision to move forward with the 2020 season is made, new registrations have been suspended until further notice.
Registration Fees are to be paid online through “Play Football” at the time of registration by selecting the relevant package. Payment can be processed via VISA or MASTERCARD. If you are unable to pay using this method please contact the club registrar at prior to commencing the registration process to discuss other options.

Player Eligibility

To be eligible for round one of competition all players must be made “Active” in Play Football one week prior of the relevant competition start date. It will be the responsibility of each player / parent to ensure they have completed all actions to be made “Active”.
In order to be considered “Active”, the player registration payment must be received in full or an approved payment plan must be processed. Players not “Active” by the requirements defined above will not be able to compete until resolved. Coaches and Managers of the team will be notified of eligible players prior to Round One commencing. If a player registers after the competition begins the same rules apply, however if full payment is received and registration is processed prior to Friday 12 noon that player will be eligible to play the following day provided they have been assigned to a team.

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