For game information and age group coordinators, please see the Game Information pages below:

Age Group Year of Birth Fee* Registration Age Group
U5-6 Miniroos (first timers) 2015 and 2016 $190 Sat, 24 April Rhonda Parkin
U6-7 Girls 2014 and 2015 $190 OPEN
However team allocations have
started so if you haven’t registered
then do so ASAP or you may miss
out on a team. Players will be notified
about their team this week (6-10 April).
U6-7 Open 2014 and 2015 $190 Lucas Mills
and Sally Bullock
U8 Open 2013 $190 Jivan Sekhon
U8-9 Girls 2012 and 2013 $190 Rebecca Curtin
U9 Open 2012 $190 Catherine Atkinson
U10 Open 2011 $200 CLOSED
Please contact
registrar (at)
if you would like a late registration.
Rachael Harris
U10 Girls 2011 $200 Vacant
U11 Open 2010 $200 Suzy Sharwood
U11 Girls 2010 $200 Nerys Jones
U12 Open 2009 $270 CLOSED Vacant
U12 Girls 2009 $270 CLOSED Marcus Hassall
U13 Open 2008 $270 CLOSED Vacant
U13 NPLY 2008 $800 CLOSED Vacant
U14 NPLY 2007 $800 CLOSED Vacant
U14 Open 2007 $270 CLOSED Vacant
U14 Girls 2007 $270 CLOSED Vacant
U15 Open 2006 $270 CLOSED Lyn de Klerk
U16 Girls 2005 and 2006 $270 OPEN Julieanne Palazzo
U16 Open 2005 $270 CLOSED Lyn de Klerk
U16 NPLY 2005 and 2006 $820 CLOSED Vacant
U18 Girls 2003
and 2004
$270 CLOSED Vacant
U18 Open 2003
and 2004
$270 OPEN Vacant
U18 NPLY 2002
and 2003
$900 CLOSED Vacant
Men’s State League Open Age $520 OPEN
However most teams are full.
Please check with
registrar (at)
before registering if you are
not allocated to a team.
Erin Owens
Men’s Community League Open Age $425 Erin Owens
Men’s Masters 35+ $425 Erin Owens
Women’s State League Open Age $520 Vacant
Women’s Community League Open Age $425 Vacant
Women’s Masters 35+ $425 Vacant

* In the 2021 season registration fees have increased due to the season going for an extra two weeks and the club will now pay all referees, so referee fees are included in your registration.

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