Executive Committee

Position Name Email
President Kurt Petrunia president (at)
Vice President David Horner vicepresident (at)
Secretary John Breusch secretary (at)
Treasurer Richard Webb treasurer (at)

General Committee

Position Name Email
Registrar Lyn de Klerk registrar (at)
Equipment Officer Cathryn Fuller equipment (at)
Referee Coordinator Jono McLaren referees (at)
Canteen Manager Rhonda Parkin canteen (at)
Uniform Manager
Website Manager Ron Mansur webadmin (at)
Committee Member Bob Parkin committee (at)
Steve Moutafis
Rogers Oleng-Oku
Michael Hess

Support and Operational

Position Name Email
Club Administrator Jo Smith info (at)
Technical Director Angelo Zaris technical.director (at)
Working with Vulnerable People
(WWVP) Coordinator
David Horner wwvp (at)

Age Group Coordinators

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