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The Majura trials were hugely competitive this year as we saw returning players who had developed their skills last season and over summer and some new talented players join the Club. We again used Coerver Coaching to assist with trials and run drills and games that would test the four core skills and game skills. This enables selectors to concentrate on the players and give a more thorough assessment of each triallist. This year Olympic FC also provided Premier League coaches to select alongside Majura FC selectors which again improved selector assessments.

The team that you have been placed in has been based on a variety of factors including,

  • your performance at the recent trials
  • final recommendations from a minimum of two (2) trial selectors
  • when we needed further confirmation, recommendations from past Coaches
  • a preference to play in a competitive or social division

The divisional structure for the U12-18 teams has been changed by Capital Football this year to accommodate the growth in players and teams and to make it easier for participants to understand. For the past five years teams have been placed into either Division 1, 2a/blue, 2b/gold, 3a/blue or 3b/gold. This year the divisions will be just numbers so Divisions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. So while last year you may have been in a division 2 team this year you could be in either 2 or 3. The colour divisions will remain the same for the non-competitive U10 and U11 age groups.

If you feel disappointed that you did not get into a team or division that you wanted, please don’t. Each year players will move in and out of teams and divisions due to the trials. This is normal from U10 to U18 age groups. The key for players seeking to play in a highly competitive division is to continue to develop your skills over the season through your normal team training or look to developing your skills further with extra coaching.

The next step for your team is to appoint a Coach and Manager if you haven’t already got one. Majura FC does not appoint these roles for you. Your team should look to do this quickly, rather than wait until the season starts. Please note that all Coaches and Managers at all Clubs in the ACT are required under the Working with Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Act 2011 to obtain a Working with Vulnerable People Card. The WWVP card is free for volunteers. ACT Inspectors do patrol the grounds on game day Saturdays and during training sessions and will ask a Coach or Manager for their card. If you already have a Working with Vulnerable People Card, please check the expiry date. You can find more information about applying or renewing your card here.

For the Club to fully comply with the legislation, a valid WWVP Card or a receipt from the ACT shopfront, must be presented by both the team coach and manager at the Coaches and Managers meetings in early April to pick up your training/playing kit. If both team coach and manager do not have a valid WWVP Card or a receipt from the ACT Shopfront, you will not be able to pick up your training/playing kit.

There are two preseason tournaments that your team may like to consider entering:

We wish you and your team all the best in season 2018.

Peter Docherty
President, Majura FC
Friday, March 9, 2018

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