Majura FC and COVID-19

Football Federation of Australia (FFA) has announced a suspension of all football (soccer) activities until after Easter, Tuesday 14 April. This means there will be no training, games, meetings or any other football activities.

The decision comes as the latest in a series of measures being introduced by the FFA to combat the ongoing spread of COVID-19 following the announcement of its COVID-19 Guidelines yesterday and places the concerns, health and wellbeing of the Australian football and wider community as the highest priority.

While we are all keen to get out on the pitch and get the season underway, we must consider the health risk that the spread of the virus poses to players and their families. Slowing the spread of the virus is the most important thing to do now and the only way we are likely to get any chance of a season of football in 2020.

Majura will send out updates as the situation changes. We will continue to do all the behind the scenes work in preparation for the season including organising teams and draws in the hope that the season will start on May 2 as planned for all juniors. The senior competition start has already been delayed.

For those players who trialled in U10 – U16 teams, we’ll get your team lists out by the end of this week so you may not be able to train for a month but you’ll know who your new team mates are. For now practise at home. You don’t need much space to juggle a ball to improve your touch and you only need a wall and a ball to improve your passing.

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