Season 2017 Age Groups and Registration Fees

There has been a small increase in registration fees this year to cover general cost increases and to employ a part-time Administrative Officer. This will take some of the pressure off our volunteer committee members and improve the club's customer service. Age Group Year of Birth Fee Pee Wees U5-U6 (first timers) 2011 and 2012 $150 U6-7 Girls 2010 and 2011 $150 U6-7 Open 2010 and 2011 $150 U8 Open 2009 $165 U8-9 Girls 2008 and 2009 $165 U9 Open 2008 $165 U10 Girls and Open 2007 $165 U11 Girls and Open 2006 $165 U12 Girls and Open 2005 $210 U13 Open 2004 $210 U14 Girls and Open 2003 $210 U15 Open 2002 $210 U16 Girls 2001 and 2002 $210 U16 Open 2001 $210 U18 Girls and Open 1999 and 2000 $210 State League Open Age $390 Masters 35+ $390 Majura FC Registration

Season 2017 Committee Members

Executive Committee Position Name Email President Peter Docherty Vice President Football Rainer Reuss Vice President Operations Neil Sharwood Secretary John Breusch Treasurer Richard Webb Registrar Kurt Petrunia Equipment Officer David Horner General Committee Position Name Email Public Officer Rob Bennett Referee Coordinator Vacant Assistant Registrar Vacant Canteen Manager Rhonda Parkin Uniform Manager Allison Foster Website Manager Ron Mansur Committee Member Bob Parkin Committee Member Steve Moutafis Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) Coordinator David Horner Support Positions Position Name Email Administrative Officer Jo Smith Technical Facilitator Vacant Junior Development Officer Vacant Age Group Coordinators Year of Birth Age Group Coordinator Email 2011 and 2012 Pee Wees (U5 and U6) Danielle Perks 2010 and 2011 U6 and U7 Open Eve Ball 2010 and 2011 U6 and U7 Girls Nerys Jones 2009 U8 Open Ron Mansur 2008 U9 Open Sally Hearder 2008 and 2009 U8 and U9 Girls Natalie Scott 2007 U10 Open Ron Mansur 2007 U10 Girls Kirsten Lawson 2006 U11 Open Lyn de Klerk 2006 U11 Girls Kim Sinclair 2005 U12 Open David Horner 2005 U12 Girls Julieanne Paulazzo 2004 U13 Open Suzy Sharwood 2004 U13 Girls Vacant 2003 U14 Open Amy Seath 2003 U14 Girls Vacant 2001 and 2002 U15 and U16 Open Vacant 2001 and 2002 U16 Girls Vacant 1999 and 2000 U18 Open Vacant 1999 and 2000 U18